Biographies of Goodrich Executives - David R. Rogol
David Rogol | Howard Gordon | John Gruska | Tim Gorman
David R. Rogol is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Member or Partner of all of the entities comprising the Goodrich Companies. David started his career as a real estate attorney after graduating law school ranked first in his class. During his twenty years practicing law he represented owners, developers and lenders in connection with the acquisition, development and financing of all types of real estate, and also worked on structuring complex real estate joint ventures. In 1995 David joined the Goodrich Companies as Chief Executive Officer, having previously served as primary outside counsel to Goodrich and its founder and owner Richard M. Cohen. Shortly thereafter David Rogol became principal owner of the Goodrich Companies. In the two year period from 1995-96, the Goodrich Companies experienced a complete turnaround, with steady financial growth to this day. David successfully reorganized Goodrich by initially hiring virtually all new personnel, who for the most part remain with Goodrich today. Accordingly, the current Goodrich team has worked together for almost twenty years, exhibiting a level of stability, continuity, and expertise essential for long-term success.

David works closely with Goodrich’s General Counsel, Howard Gordon, on all legal matters, with Goodrich's Controller, John Gruska, on all accounting, financial and related reporting matters, and with Goodrich's Construction Manager, Tim Gorman, on all construction projects. David believes in a team approach to handling all projects and Goodrich'’s day-to-day affairs. This philosophy pervades the daily workings of the Goodrich Companies. As a result, Goodrich achieves the most optimal results possible in an effective and cost-efficient manner. As discussed in Management Services, Construction Services and Consulting Services, other companies can take advantage of this proven team approach with respect to all facets of their real estate ownership and management.

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